Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No one cares about you anymore.

I'm not the happiest kid in town.
I've got so much troubles that you can't even imagine.
I've got no one to tell it to cause i'm scared people would judge me.
I'm scared of what others view me.
I try my best to be selfless, help everyone but i've got a limit.
A fucking limit.
Im mentally tired all the time.
And I want to give up all the time.
But no one cares anyway.
And so I keep it all to myself.

If one day i ever let out all my troubles,
it's the day that i would die.
But then again, i might just die without even telling anyone what's wrong.
Maybe one day I will be happy permanently.
But that's either I have learn how to really let go of everything and dgaf or i have officially lost my true self.

Cause i'm so tired.
And I really want to sleep without waking up.

What if this was the last post of this blog?
Will you then care?

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