Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm moving.

Didn't wish to do this here.
But remember I mentioned I was going Turkey in June.

I kinda lied.
I'm not going there on a holiday.
But for long.

My relatives are already going there earlier in June.
It's really a huge decision made by my family and relatives.
They already found a house there.
The whole family is going to stay together.
My parents, my cousin, my aunts and uncles.
It's like how I always dream about when I was young.
My cousin is already there studying in one of the university.
Remember the one I tweeted about?
Yeah, it's him.


I know how i always say I won't miss this place when I'm gone.
Now when I'm about to leave.
Fuck I think I will miss this place where I have spent 17 years of my life here.

Nah. But maybe.

Can't believe I'm really starting a new life there.
New friends, New life.
New me.

P.S I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone. I really didn't know whether it was confirm and stuff. Like there was a lot of paperwork. Final interview later._. And I didn't know how to tell anyone. Can you imagine? "Hey XXX I'm migrating to Turkey." Imagine the shock on their faces.

P.S.S If you think this is a joke. _|_ u

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