Saturday, April 16, 2011

Because one day I will.

What if one day i was gone and I never came back.
Everyone would not know how to find me,
because I will lose all contact with everyone.
My facebook would be deactivated.
My tumblr would have a last post that says "I'm gone forever, thanks for the memories"
My twitter would have a last tweet that says "Goodbye twitter"
My blog would have a last post that says "I told you so."
My youtube would have a last video like this girl
I won't be back forever.

And forever is a long time.

Maybe i would still be breathing.
Or maybe beneath the ground.

But before I REALLY leave.
I want to see who really remembers me.
I want to see the regret on their faces.
I want to see them guilty.

I know I'm being selfish.
I'm sorry

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