Thursday, March 24, 2011

Existential Loneliness

A song I wrote~

Verse 1
She enters a room not at all empty.
She smiles and laugh with those she knows.
She stood there trying her best to interact, fighting her hardest to belong.
But deep down she knows that its all wrong.
She's doing it all wrong.

Surrounded by all she love and hate.
Yet all she felt was her own mate.
Surrounded by all the noises they made.
Yet all she could hear was the voice in her head.
She stood there waiting and wanting more.
Yet no one gave her what she longed.
She held her hand and knew it all.
Her soul, the only place she felt belong.

Verse 2
She tries to talk, to make a conversation.
But it all ended up as destruction.
She drank even more to make herself tipsy.
To try and make herself merry.
But deep down she knows that its all wrong.
She knows that it's all wrong.


No one knows she's feeling this way
She went home bleeding away.

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