Monday, January 10, 2011

I want someone to

  • Love me for who I am
  • Be my bestfriend/lover
  • Willing to do stupid stuffs with me
  • Tolerate my frequent mood swings
  • Accept me for who I am
  • Understand me when I'm going through my emo periods
  • Constantly tell me I am perfect enough for you
  • Camwhore with and not feel obliged to
  • Make stupid faces with me
  • Suggest taking photos first
  • Hug me all the time
  • Hug me from the back
  • Surprise me with a hug
  • Kiss me on my forehead
  • Kiss me hello whenever we meet
  • Kiss me goodbye whenever we leave
  • Hold my hand in front of his friends' and not be embarrassed of it
  • Show me off to his friends
  • Treat me like a real princess even if no one is around to see.
Okay, the list is getting way too long and out of hand.
Because no guy is that perfect.
I won't ever meet a guy like that, maybe to others but not me.

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