Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Still Christmas!

Hey all,
before I'm going to update you on my life I just want to wish you all out there

To all those(you know who you are) that has been there for me not only when I'm all cheery and crazy but even when I'm down I want to thank you and congrats you at the same time.
Thank you for having the patience and tolerating my craziness/mood swings/emo-ness.
And also congrats for understanding me, well I mean trying to understand me.
Cause no one understands me, not even myself. Unless you are God.
Which obviously you aren't.
So yeah, just want to say I love you guys too.

So christmas was so busy, hectic and tiring.
To be completely honest, I didn't enjoy christmas.
I did enjoy some parts.
But I dreaded and hated most of it.
I guess in my mind, I just want to receive things, slack and not give anything.
But thank God the good side of Shay is always thinking of others first!
So I wrote about 50-60 +++ cards, decided to go caroling which we had to sing like 7 or more songs to 5 houses. Due to the cards and caroling, I had lack of sleep._.
Plus I'm going through mood swings now which makes me even more tired.
Oh well, I'm just glad everything is done.
Now I can focus on my homework and projectS.
I really want to take a break!
But how can I rest, when all this stupid shitty arsehole things keep coming to me!

Seriously, today I asked myself again.
I have been asking myself this so many times.
People have been asking me that too!
And honestly I just smile it off like it's nothing.
But if this course is giving me so much pressure and well unhappiness then why the firetruck am I still here?
I mean, not that the friends there are bad or something. They are really cool peeps. Not that I hate the modules (well some) but I don't love it either. It's neutral.
You can say I'm a coward.

If this questions keeps popping up in my mind, I really don't know what I will do...
Quit school I guess.
And get into Lassale or something.

Okay, on a happier note. Today's dinner with relatives were awesomely fun!
Here is only a few photos of the food. It's only like 1/4 of the food there!

Really love the company tonight.
It was awesome.
Dad was being so ridiculous. Now even my dad wants me to get married off asap.
Like whut._.
I'm only 17 leyyyyyy.
Plus they all think I have like suitors and stuff.
That's even more ridiculous.
Biggest joke of all.
But they are really nice people.
Keep telling me I look pretty and like all the nice things.
Say my hair very long also.
And I also realise my hair is REAL long.
I like(Y)
But the "pretty" comments is just say say only.
Honestly, I don't believe.

So anyway I got to go.
Take care readers!
If you have receive my mail, it would be gladly appreciated if you can write an acknowledgement note on twitter/facebook.
Thank you!


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