Sunday, July 04, 2010

On the day I was born.

Thank you guys for making my day so amazing.

Too be honest I was rather skeptical about how awesome my day was because of how shitty the week had been.
So I woke up in the morning telling myself to smile and be happy because it was after all MY BIRTHDAY.

Thank you everyone for the "Happy Birthday" wishes regardless on sms/phone calls/msn/facebook/twitter.
I treasured everyone of them.
And to be honest I was happy when people started flooding my facebook wall with birthday wishes.

If you know me well I feel awkward almost every situation.
And it was quite awkward when people wished me happy birthday face to face.
Don't ask me why.
I don't know too.
And I definitely find it awkward when people starts singing birthday song to me cause I don't know how to react later but by saying "thank you" awkwardly.

Thank you to:
1) TB05/TB06 and some other people for making the awesome amazing video for me! Thanks ALEX! I really didn't expect a video like that and really really honestly I felt like tearing when I watched it. It was so sweet. It may seem like a short video, insignificant much but too me it means a lot. Everyone doing this for me. Touched. :'>

2) Rootbeer treat from TOM JIA JIN. Yesh you. Thank you so much. Though the drink is so fattening but I really appreciate it. Like I said in the message, $2 is a lot of money for a drink and though it is just $2 as compared to the other gifts I received but I REALLY APPRECIATE EVERYTHING. And thanks dude for spending your time with me. ^^

3) Olenos lunch plus cake smashing. Yesh. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I GOT SMASHED BY A CAKE. I will never forget this moment ever. And to be honest I never expect a cake because I thought I just go there and see you all eat only. When you all take out the cake and sang happy birthday song to me, I was truely surprise! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. And though I always miss olenos outing and being a bitch by missing it, I'm grateful that you all still remembers my birthday and celebrate it for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

4) Last but not least, (last for the best) thank you JOLYN, TERESA, BRIAN, GLENDA, JARENCE for celebrating my birthday with me and making the end of the day so awesome! I really miss you guys and I know I said it a lot of times but I REALLY REALLY DO! School is making us so distant and it sucked! Thanks for spending so much money on the birthday cake plus the present. Really, it's not needed. Just being with you guys is the best I can ever have on my birthday! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WILLING TO SPEND TIME WITH ME! ^^ Touched the most.

So thank you everyone for everything you did on my birthday.
And thank you mummy and daddy for adopting me on my birthday (i think it's around there) and making my life so perfect.
Sorry for being like a total bitch when all you did was cared about me.

My life is perfect with God, my parents and my family in my life.
Thank you everyone.
And like what JJ says, today would be magnificent.
And yes it was magnificent!

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