Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm officially over you.

I saw you today.
A little awkward though.
It's like there's this obvious distance between us.
Maybe it's cause we never talk as much as we used to back then in secondary school.
And the amazing thing is that seeing you today didn't bring back past feelings I had for you.
Not like that bbq time.
It brings back memories though.
Memories of how stupid and childish I used to be.
Hopelessly "in love" with you and letting your every action towards me control my emotions.
Maybe I'm a little embarrassed but that's how we roll isn't it?
Learning from our past "mistake".
No it wasn't a mistake for liking you.
And we did had some happy moments together.
But mostly is me whining about the fact that you never get my hint etc.
Can't believe me.

Well just saying that I've move on.
Officially. Actually a long time ago.
When I started liking someone else.
And then moving on from that someone else to this one.
Maybe there's one mistake I never learn,
I keep falling for the wrong guy.

Story of my loserish love life.

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