Saturday, July 17, 2010

Everything is just temporary.

X: HAHA! Yea! I'm smarter than any little rascals! :)
Shaylen Toh Who is the little rascal? I don't know what you talking bout. I'm shaylen! ^^ Hi who are you?
X: Fine. :|
Shaylen Toh Kidding nia. Chill-lax! Hahaha. Sounds familiar right!
X: Not funny. I don't know you. Who are you?
Shaylen Toh I'm your angel form your nightmare. ^^
X: HAHA! Since when you became so humorous?! :o
Shaylen Toh I'm always humorous! It's because YOU haven't talk to me for so long!!!
X: Oh is it? Why must it be me who talk to YOU? Why can't it be the other way round? :|
Shaylen Toh Oh ya hor. No no. It ain't my fault! Nth is my fault. Be a man. Take the blame! ^^
X: What?! HAHAH! Okay fine, my fault. :|

I don't know how to feel anymore.
How to react to this.
I just know that it comes naturally to feel happy when I talk to you.
Then super sad when I realise everything is just temporary.

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