Friday, June 18, 2010

I learnt a lot after watching that movie.

I'm a person who can get very into the movie.
Watching Sid and Nancy taught me a lot.
And besides it's a true story.
Shocking much.
I never knew the drama in the 80s was damn bad ass.
I never knew...
Who really killed Nancy?
No one knew.
Is it Sid?
And was Nancy really a bad influence to Sid?
I learnt so much.
Never take drugs guys. It fucked your life.
Nancy was Sid's drug dealer and girlfriend.
It totally fuck Sid's life.
Some said Nancy was Sid's first ever girlfriend and he love her.
I somehow feel so sad for both of them.
Like both of them truely love each other.
Sad much.
They just screwed up their life with alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
God, will you forgive them?

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