Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's talk about life baby.

(Please hype my latest look on lookbook. It's not the same pic but it's more or less the same concept)

I had ushering on Sunday so I had to wear something nicer than my casual wear,
Which is usually shorts to church.
Yeah, I wear shorts to church. I know it isn't really allowed but oh well.
Blame it on the weather man!

Global warming + Singapore's usually hot weather = EVERYONE IS MELTING.
So so so hot please.
& plus my face is so going to have breakouts soon due to the constant change in temperature.
Get in classrooms/lecture halls cold like mad.
Get out classrooms/lecture halls hot and humid like mad.
Wah, i swear my skin hates me.

Starbucks is kinda my addiction already!
I think I practically crave it everyday!
And I drink coffee everyday!
I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to coffee.

Common tests are coming plus two more presentation to go through.
Oh man, it kinda sucked!
OBSE presentation is kinda like a gonner cause i'm pretty sure I don't know what to say.
ITB 10 mins presentation can go kill myself cause half of the time I'm so blur in ITB.
IT is definitely not my forte man.
It's like learning computer parts and stuff.
It's useful I admit but my brian is not getting it!
What to do man.
This Saturday MIEC Common Test I hope everything would be fine man.
I really want to score well.
Have to read up on the notes and memorize everything by Wednesday uh.
I don't really have much confidence on it.

Oh ya.
Today two bastards pissed me off.
Like seriously...
Bcomm presentation was okay I guess.
Had to wear formal.
Weather so hot plus need to wear formal.
But my formal wasn't that formal.
The blazer made it formal!

Yeah so I'm ranting on my life so that this blog wouldn't be always bout him.
Are all of you happy now?

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