Friday, April 02, 2010

My worst nightmare, 2in1.

Take note. Rare photo of me showing my two horrid eyebags/dark circle eyes and not smiling.
This is what happened when you get bored at 2 am...
My God, I just notice my fat arms.
No. 1
My pretty lovely digital camera spoilt!
I don't dare tell my daddy.
I really don't know how it is spoilt!

No. 2
I think Justin Bieber is cute and his songs are quite nice.
WHat had happened to mainstream music suck and non mainstream rocks!
I'm so retarded now!
Today was great. Glad I could meet you.
Stay old and eh, naggy?
Thanks for being such a great friend uncle ivan!
Oh and since now is Good Friday I want to thank God for sending Jesus to die on the cross for me and many other people. Thank you for always giving me another chance. Without God, there wouldn't be Univere, Earth, People and me.
I love God for life.

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