Saturday, April 17, 2010

My life like I never knew.

My life now is like a brand new notebook.
Okay, fine.
Not really brand new.
Probably have some sketches and scribbles here and there already.

My new chapter is coming soon.
& I'm scared.
I'm scared of new surrondings.
But yet I'm excited.
I'm excited to meet new friends, to experience different things.

Well, I realise I learnt something new everyday.
Like how I can manage to take the wrong bus to somewhere,
Or simply took a longer way back home.
I learnt how to accomodate people you hate
And be straight forward sometimes to protect your rights.
I learnt how to have more confident so that when people see you,
They see the confidence in you.
Confidence, and not arrogant.
Must remember that too.

A new chapter is beginning and I guess I have to be more mature now.
No longer that little girl who thinks that I will be sheltered forever.
But I don't deny that sometimes being a little girl again is a nice feeling.
It's like lesser responsibility to shoulder.
So to my new chapter that is approaching in about 2 more days,
I hope everyday would be fulfilling!
& I can conquer all obstacles!

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
School of Business and Accountancy
Business Studies.

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