Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last outing before poly starts.

(I just realised we don't have a picture of all of us tgt. Like everyone! It's always missing a few people! And I'm so sorry if the picture is damn unglam. HAHA)
Align CenterTime passes when you are having fun.
& friends come and go too.
I still can remember the day we all met like it just happened yesterday.

Had outing with red camp people today.
They are honestly the best guys ever.
Like really.
They are the nicest peeps and I can say true friends ever!

We really really must meet up soon!
Like every month at least twice or something!
We must always stay in touch!

A small little note to everyone:
Glenda: Hope you lose the bet soon so I can have my free lunch/dinner treat! && we should totally try htht more. I'm definitely better than someone!
Honeybaby: You ah, don't spend all your time with your boyfriend then forget about me ah. I got plenty of things to tell you. We need to meet up like soon! Like only us only. Need to update you in you know what!
Jolyn: Wah, I miss you too much sia! Where you dissapear to? I don't care. Lunch at makan place with you when school starts! I don't care man! We need to update each other in a lot! Stay happy okay! Can txt me anytime you know!
Beverly: You always make fun of me lorh! But I guess it wouldn't be more fun without all the teasing. Haha, sorry I only say it now. But thanks for everything you have done last time. I will not forget it. Thank God for you!
Van van: You have been giving a lot of excuses you know. I miss you! Must meet up soon! Don't so stress okay, and remember to stay happy! Hope you are doing fun in JC.
Cheyenne: Hey girl, what happened? I thought you could come today? Give me false hope. Must meet up soon! Your poly so far from np! Sad sad. I don't care. Come np have lunch with us! YAY!
Suhana: Where you go?! I miss you so! It's like I lost contact with you already! Please please come if we have future outings! We have to have future outings okay! Don't want to distant with any of you!
Brian: HIMBOOOOO. Don't worry about tp kay. I know inside you are a hardcore np! Must must keep in touch okay! And keep each other update about Lady Gaga! Oh ya, thanks for being so nice to me! Really appreciate the nicest attitude!
Jarence: You you you! Always say you busy! When can we meet man? Busy with who ah? Another girl ah? HAHA, kidding. When I go sp to visit my friends I txt you see if you free kay? At least say hi to each other better than nothing. You better don't always busy, must meet up with us too! Have you forgotten bout us?
Christian: Sad that you cannot come today! I don't care lunch at makan place man! Long time never like have a meal with you already and catch up in like life. Must meet up soon with the rest! Hope you will be free then.
Jiarong: Gentlemanly ah beng. Chill chill. You don't actually look like ah beng lurh. RELAX. And don't so negative about your internship. It's well, not that bad lurh. Just be positive and laugh it off! HAHAHA. I mean better than cursing and swearing mah. Right? Glad to meet up with you today and like catch up with you! Must do it more often. Oh, & hope you look better the next time, lesser eye bags I mean!
Keane: I bet you damn surprise I'm writing something for you! Hahaha. Thanks for asking me go to FOC. I did meet a lot of friends! I think without you inviting me go I wouldn't like go at all. And without going I wouldn't have met some really nice friends! We have to meet up soon okay! You like so busy now sia.

Wah, I didn't know it's so tiring writing to everyone.
I didn't know our group actually quite big!
So in conclusion you guys are like the nicest people ever compared to like serve/FOC/baoc.
(I would probably get killed by those people by saying that)
Thanks for being so nice.
I really appreciate it!
So yeah, see you all soon whether in school or outside!

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