Saturday, February 06, 2010


Decided to blog because i've got taggers!

Serve has been awesome needless to say.
I'm super glad I got into serve.
Well if you have no clue what serve is,
It's a christian program for those who have completed their O's/A's and is waiting for Poly/Uni/NS to start.

Going to serve must have been the greatest decision I have ever made.
Because I not only get to be closer to God but also make new friends that are awesome!

God has always been changing my life.
Ever since I patched up my relationship with Him, I felt like a complete new being.
He not only help me control the things I say but also the actions that I do.

Through serve, I get to be closer with Phoebe which was something I yearn.
Phoebe has been a super good friend.
Always there for me.
Thanks Phoebe!

I just feel like a completely new person now.
Like I'm born again.
Serve is just awesome.
& I dare say it's better than redcamp.
Sorry guys.

Can't believe serve is going to end soon.
I don't want!
Cannot imagine my holiday without Serve.
Like I told Phoebe yesterday,
I think going to Serve is better than looking for a job.
In Serve though I get a lower allowance, but I get to experience my Father in Heaven!
Get to hang out with my Father's creation!
I don't have to do boring paper works, stand in a shop/restaurant for hours and cursing, swearing and hoping that job would end soon.
I actually hope that Serve was longer!

So I guess that pretty sums up my January and my February.
I've been going to St Andrew's Village everyday for Serve and I like it.
Though sometimes I complain bout the distance and the timing but I'm really glad to be in Serve.

It change my life and I thank God for this.

Oh oh, make a little dedication to all my Serverknights and Yucks' friends.
Serverknights + Yucks = YucksKnights!

Judah: Hello jud jud jud jud judah! HAHA. Always thinking that you are 14 and wants to be the youngest in the group! I'm glad I got to know you! Although you have known christ for about 2 years or more? But I can tell you are really serious about God's work and His calling/will for you! I'm so glad to see someone like you because it really inspires me to yearn God more. Really, I don't care about the age gap between us because after all we are still God's creation! Seeing you so serious and committed to mission really amazes me! I'm so glad you are in Serverknights! (YAY!)

Markus: MARKUS MARKUS THE DRUNK HAMSTER! Hahaha! I'm so glad I got to know you like from the first day of serve! You are a really amazing/funny/caring guy! Though you like to bully me... Thanks for being such a wonderful group leader. Really! Don't worry too much okay! You are doing great!!! I'm glad that you like shopping too! YAY to me cause I found another shopping buddy! We got to go shop soon okay! I'm sorry I keep postponing it! :| I hope that after Serve we will still call/skype/oovoo/msn/sms each other! (GAYNESS!)

Mark: Mark Lee! Your father is an actor right?! HEHE. Kidding. Mark who looks like Johnston! You arh... Bully me like siao! Every word come out from your mouth is to criticise me lorh! No no! I'm kidding! HAHHA. You change already larh. At least never bully me already! I'm so glad I got to know you more and form an Awesome 4 alliance with you! I think you really amazes me because though you joke at times(ALL THE TIME) but sometimes your words of wisdom is like "WOW" and it speaks to me a lot! So keep up this words of wisdom thing. In fact you should say more! Chao Ah Beng, I don't think the Chao Ah Lian here will forget you!(Your bullying impacts me) HAHAHA. (YEAH YEAH!)

Esther: ESTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Remember the first conversation I had with you! You want to know my first impression of you? I think you are super pretty! And to be very honest here I got a little intimidated! HAHAHAH. So embarrassing! And after getting to know you better, my impression of you is getting better and better! I can tell from you that you really love God wholeheartedly and you are a really responsible person! How you took that initiative to type out the roles, find out the prices of some logistic things! I'm so amazed by you and is truely inspired! I hope you can continue to grow in the Lord and follow Him faithfully. And remember the thing you told me on Thursday, I will continue to pray for you in hopes that you will find one soon! (ILY!)

Brandon: Hello Brandon! HAHA. How are you? Fine? Good. HAHAH! When I first saw you, I didn't really talk to you much but I'm glad that we are in the same group! Can bond with you more and know more about you! All your funny jokes plus pictures I will never forget! Especially the one with me and esther! HAHAHAHA! And the random messages during sermons! HAHA. You are really a nice guy, gentleman! YAY. HAHAH. And through you I can tell that you really love God and really applies His words. That's great you know because you inspires me! Thanks for everything like helping me make coffee or even simple things like making me laugh! HAHA. I don't think I will forget. Hope that after Serve we still can meet up or hang out together! (SMILING DUDE)

Isaac: Hi Isaac! Though we are in the same church, I didn't really get to know you so much. I thank God for letting me and you to be in the same group! I really get to learn more about you and your food fetish! HAHAHHAH! Isaac, don't eat so much kay. Must keep fit! You want o eat that much also can but remember to exercise! A healthy lifestyle is good! I feel like your mother. =0= Anyway, through you, I can tell that you really love God a lot and it really inspire me! Thank you Isaac for always bringing food for the group! However do remember what I say. REMEMBER TO EXERCISE. I don't want to see you keep eating but never exercise ah. Oh and please stop digging gold. Very gross! (FOOD SUPPLIER!)

(Sorry Van, Denise and Shane for not writing a personal note for you.
Do remember that I am and will still constantly miss all of you!
Denise maybe not too much as I will see her every Sunday.
Van van! I will miss you! Sorry for not bonding much with you during Serve. Remember to skype me or oovoo me whenever you are free kay? Don't stress to much.
Shane, hope you are doing well in JC. Hope you can find good christian friends that will guide you along! :>)

Ryan: RYAN THE LION! Don't be so emoh bemoh! Doesn't mean have that fringe means you are emo! Don't stress too much kay & also don't think so much! You quite old already right? Think too much and hard will have white hair one! Later your whole fringe white how? So cannot arh... Your photography skills really amazes me! Seriously! I'm like really "Wow" when you told me how many cameras you have. That's so super duper cool lurh! I'm so envy! I want a DSLR tooo! :| HAHA. Anyway continue to grow in the Lord and please don't be so paranoid and practical. HAHA. (EMOH BEMOH!)

Benedict: BENCHEE JOEY MUCHEE! I have no clue why you think I look like elmo. That's like the first time I hear this! HAHA. But I love elmo so it's good! HAHA. I remember when I first saw you I thought you some cool dude leh. Like cool cool one then won't talk! HAHAHAH. First impression sia. Oh oh! I'm really amazed at how strong your faith in God is and like how much you love Him. I tell you why personally next time. Don't worry it's not something bad! HAHAH! And please use conditional for your hair. It's so dry!!! Not good you know. Too dry will become fizzy!? Hope we can hang out more and get to know you more! Glad that Yucks and Serverknights are going to mission trip together! Means more time to know you! HAHAH. (ELMO'S FRIEND!)

Joel: HEY JOEL! AWESOME! *HIGH FIVE* HAHA! You are so funny! And like really nice! Gentleman I must say! I don't really know you well but I can tell at least you never bully Phoebe that much so means you are quite nice! HAHA! Oh I know something about you! You love football! Like a lot right? HAAHAH! Guys will always be guys. HAHA. Your laughter is hilarious! Please laugh more! I hope I can get to know you more! HAHAH. Talk to me more! :> (AWESOME BUDDY!)

Joshua Ho: Hey hey! Same group with me before in Church! HAHA. So glad you can come for Serve! And plus in Yucks! That means can bond more with you and get to know you better, though we are like in the same church for so long! HAHHA. Hope the mission trip would give me this opportunity to bond and know you more! I think you are pretty quiet! TALK MORE! HAHA. See you in Ngee Ann after Serve! (SOON TO BE SCHOOL MATES!)

Ming Kiet: Hey Ming Kiet! Really happy I get to hear your sharing about your daily devotion yesterday! Don't worry too much kay, I mean you are not the only one who is always distracted. I'm a easily distracted person with really short attention span so I can totally understand you! You are really active too! Scared me a little! HAHA. Continue to grow in the Lord and I pray that you will be less distracted and focus on God more! Hope to get to know you more! (ACTIVE!)

Sharon: HEY SHARON! You really quiet! And I'm sorry I kinda scared you that day when you wanted to talk to me and asked me how I am. HAHA. You know girls lurh... PMS day. =0= Sorry to have scared you. I didn't mean to pms on that day. Sorry I never pre warn you too! You have the same chinese name as me! That means you are awesome too! Hope this special connection within us would allow us to bond more! Hope to talk to you more! I really want to get to know you! And you seem stress sometimes... Smile more! HAHA. I shall make you smile everyday! (SI EN!)

Stephanie: STEPH! You sound like a bimbo! HAHAH. Be a bimbo! Nothing embarrassing about it. Just think of it as a statues! HAHAH. Being a bimbo is nothing bad you know! HAHHA. I can't believe you like Hello Kitty too! People call me childish leh! :| Hellp Kitty is nice right! It's like my childhood getaway! I hope I can get to know you more since you are the same as me. HAHA. BIMBO! During Serve next week I shall make an effort to talk to you during my free time! Must bond more! SInce we have so much in common! :> (HELLO KITTY!)

Phoebe: I haven't forget about you! DUH! The last is the best remember? I love doing HTHT with you! I mean you are so so so so so amazing! I can't believe you have grown so much in Christ! I'm quite embarrassed actually! I mean though I brought you to know the Lord but you have grown in Him more than me! PHOEBE, HONESTLY WITHOUT YOU I DON'T THINK I WOULD CONTINUE BEING A CHRISTIAN. I'm being super honest here. Without you during my hard times, without you praying for me... Thanks so much. You are a blessing God give to me! Thank you so much! And to be honest again, I'm so jealous of you! Really. Hard to believe but yes! We must have more HTHT okay? I would love to get closer to you more. At least I know I have one close friend in christ and that is you! So glad I get to know you since primary school and though we seems to drift away sometimes but I thank God that we always get closer after that. I think is God's will to put you in the same school as I am so that I can meet you as and when I like! And I think going with you to mission is just another amazing thing God has plan! YAY! I love you phoebe! And remember to shop with you more! HAHAHHA (BIMBO!)

Finally done. Hope I didn't leave out anyone!
I love all you people.
I treasure friends a lot because I lost one really close to me before.
I hope my friendship with all of you won't fade away!
*Prays very hard*

Gossip girls.

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