Saturday, February 20, 2010

The little things that makes me happy.

Have a heart to heart talk with my mummy.
Talk to my mummy about the guy I like.
Hold my mummy hands when I walk beside her.
Hug my mummy in the morning.
Kiss my mummy.
Feel the love my mummy have for me.
Manage to skip my breakfast/lunch/dinner.
Smile in front of the mirror for that second and feel pretty.
Buying new clothes.
Listening to new underground bands.
Listening to my favorite song and thinking of you.
Hanging out with yucksknights.
Hanging out with honeybaby and friends.
Talking to Joho and my classmates.
Knowing that even without you in my life, I still have other friends around me.
Looking into my future now, I do see light.
Receiving messages from friends that do care about me.
Knowing that someone do care about me when they remember things I say.
Posting letters to honeybaby although I haven't did that in ages.
Receiving letters from honeybaby.
When people complement me.
Texting you.
Receiving messages from you knowing that at least you thought about me.
Knowing God is my savior, my Lord and my Father.
Knowing that in Jeremiah 29:11 that he has a plan for me.
Knowing that even if I feel all alone, I can turn to God and seek comfort from Him.

I'm a happy girl.
I have to be.
I'm blessed to know God, to know my parents, to know all the friends I have, to know that maybe someone out the love me too.
I'm blessed, I'm really blessed.

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