Friday, November 13, 2009

Mood changes. Smile honey.

(ZOMG! This photo is so... The gorilla is the only good looking one.)

Yes yes!
I should smile.
I can't keep posting sad post!
No one will want to read.
& when no one wants to read, I will have no tag.
This is why my tagboard is so so dead!

Going to get a job soon.
Should be in Provence.
Hui Fern say Holland like hiring.
So "yeah me!"
Once I get a job, I would not need to depend so much on my mum.
Feeling so bad that she have to spend thousands of dollars on me every month.

I'm not a rich kid.
Stop saying I am!
Having a macbook, buying Dr Martens doesn't make me rich.
You want to know what's rich?
Having LV/Chanel/Gucci bags.
Can walk inside a super branded shop without being look down by the sales person.
That's what being a rich kid is.

Alrightz. Back to topic.
This must be a happy post!

Bangkok trip is comfirm!
Do I hear the word Shopping?
Oh yes I do!
Super excited for that trip!
That's why I need to work!
Save up more more money to shop!
My shopping list is damn long.
I'm so so happy when I'm talking about shopping!

Last thing before I go!
I'm super free now!
So anyone wants to date me or ask me out,
Please feel free to ask me on msn or contact me if you have my number.

Probably be Job haunting tomorrow.
Who's coming?


I love you all.

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