Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taken from HuiFern

There is a little boy who lives inside my heart & I love him dearly.
Everyday, he'd ask me about the world outside & I'd tell him "Its wonderful, I'll show it to you when you grow older." Whenever I cried, he'd ask me what was wrong & as always I'd tell him "Its a grown-up problem." Some days I told him stories of the things I'd seen; the things I'd done. Some of those deeds were beautiful, some were shameful. Soon the shameful things I'd done overrode the good. Yet I still told him about them, for he was the only one who asked.
One day I woke up & the little boy was gone. In his place was a handsome young man. He told me "누나 I've become an adult now, will you take me with you to see the world now?" I was happy for now I had a real playmate. We went places together & did many things together. You could say I corrupted him. He broke all the rules & did everything that he wasn't supposed to do, & I encouraged him, because it made him happy.
Soon he grew tired of seeing the same things & left me to explore the world further. This time, it was my turn to patiently wait for him to return with stories. I waited for years & he never returned. But still I stayed, hoping to catch a glimpse of him coming in the distance. & he did. One night he staggered back into my arms, a dying man. He had no stories to tell me except one:
"I hate you. You brought this upon me. You should have warned me that doing everyting I did would kill me one day. I will never forgive you."
Tears fell from my face as I held him close to me. He was slipping away from me, but I knew there was still a trace of that little boy inside of him, the little boy whom I loved. I whispered as he drew his last breaths, "But I will always love you."
My name is Temptation. His name is Curiosity. We were never meant to be.
There is a little boy who lives inside my heart & I love him dearly.

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