Monday, October 19, 2009

Mummy/Ah ma/Lao ma zi... ILY!

I love my mummy.
I think I have the greatest mummy ever.
Though sometimes she can be an annoying bitch and make me want to hate her.
But ultimately she knows how to turn that frown into a smile.
I don't know how to explain this but she's just too cute!
& I can never be angry with her for long.

Today I was like telling her.
"I've got boyfriend lehh."
Than she look at me, wanting to say something. But I cut her.
"My boyfriend name is... BOY FRIEND!"
And me and mummy burst out laughing.

After that she told me.
"Girl ah, faster get a boyfriend and get married."
Than I told her.
"You think so easy meh? I also not pretty. Which guy wants me?"
And than she said.
"No, I think you very pretty!"

Mummy love, I love you.
Hehe, you know I don't mean it when I call you LAO MA ZI!
To me, you will always look young and pretty!
But hor, listen to me and daddy.
Go take the Zell V!

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