Saturday, September 05, 2009

Love treats me like a stranger yet I know him so well.

So what if I don't post earthly things?
I mean my life is so boring.
Are you sure you want to know my daily life?

Why do people learn how treasure things only when they lose it?
Is like love isn't it?
I mean that guy can only regret not cherishing her after he lose her.
Will she forgive him?
Do you think she should?
I mean like after he two time her and broke her heart into million pieces?
Should she forgive him?
Is hard to give a definite answer isn't it?

Being love is wonderful.
To have loved someone is wonderful too.
Well, only 10% of it.
Cause the other 90% is feelings of pain and missing that person.

So isn't is an irony.
I mean love?
Since love can bring two different opposite feelings together.
Is like magnets isn't it?

I don't like one sided love.
Painful & miserable.
Plus it always drain your energy.

Love kinda sucks for now.
Until he is willing to like me back.
Oh well.
I wish I could just tell him the truth,
like how i feel.
But I hate rejections.
Plus, he sure will reject.
My gut feeling tells me so.

He drives me crazy.
Every time I want to give up,
I would hold on to him tighter.

Emotional tired.
Mentally exhausted.
Physically sleepy.


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