Sunday, September 06, 2009

I promise.

Promised Joy this would be a non-emo post.
So I cannot rant about how much I miss my mum,
How not really happy I am today and
About a sad show I watched just now.

But I have the urge too.
I promised second half would be happier.

So I watch this chinese show at around 6p.m just now.
Quite sad some of the parts.
Like cause the lady's husband died.
And so only left her and the son, not the lady's son but the husband's previous wife's son.
Okay? Get that part?
So than she have like financial difficulties cause she works as a bus driver.
So cannot earn much.
Than the husband's friend which is her friend helped her a lot.

There was one scene which was uber sad and I just cried when I watch it.
Cause remember I say she has financial difficulties?
Than she cannot support the son.
But is not her son in the first place so she went to look for his mother.
Turns out, her mother don't even want the son back!
Bloody bitch.
Than because the son's grandparents, her husband's parents, her parents-in-law, is too old to look after him so she have no choice.
Than she and the guy(husband's friend) decided to bring him to the orphanage!
What the hell right?
I was like "No! You can't do it!"
Shouting in front of the television.

So that the small boy, he only 5 years old.
He kind of realise that he was going to be send away.
So he started saying like "I will be a good boy, don't send me away."
And "Take me back to daddy and grandpa and grandma"
Than he continued crying and saying "Uncle XX(Forgot his name) won't take care of me?"
Super sad okay.
I mean like don't ever ever send a child to the orphanage.
Is a super sad thing.

I found the scene.
I hope you understand how I feel.

I don't think I can keep my word for a happier post.
I mean there isn't really anything that can keep me happy for long.
Why when the older I get, the less happier I get?
I missed the old me.
Carefree and totally happy!
Like really happy.

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