Friday, August 21, 2009

Would you like to help me?

Only applicable to those who have a credit card.
Oh, I see.
You do have!
Teehee, would you like to help me than?
I would like to purchase this shirt from here:
(The shirt is the picture above)
Well, I will pay you back.
I just need you to pay for me first.
Well you see, I don't have a credit card and my mother is not willing to buy for me!
So could you please help me?
If yes than please text me if you have my number or not msn me.
I'm online everyday!

So please, help me.
Is not going to cost you anything.
I'm paying you back.
You just need to help me order from your credit card.
You get the idea?

Please, I really like this shirt and I'm helping a good course by buying their shirt.
If you help me, you are helping them too!
So you will be doing a good course too!


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