Sunday, August 02, 2009


Everyone is finding love...

When to Ion today.
It was awesome.
All the branded shops there!
I like.

&& I have to disagree with Bokteng.
Ion is not equal to Vivo.
Ion is a notch higher than Vivo.
Vivo is more affordable to all.
Ion is for the higher class/richer people.
Trust me.
I know what I'm talking.
There are thousands of branded shops.
Ranging from Topshop, Charles and Keith, Mango, Guess to shops like LV, MiuMiu, Dolce and Gabbana.

Seriously, it felt like another Paragon. But bigger.
Not to mention, the prices of food there is wow!
So expensive and to be honest doesn't taste that nice.
I'm talking about the food in the Food hall(Like food junction but way bigger.)
One bowl of yong tau fu is $8.10.
WOW right.
One bowl of fishball noodles is $5.00
& Ching teng is $3.00
Money seriously fly away.

Never buy anything.
Quite pissed about it.
I need shoes, clothes and accessories!

Moody, sleepy and confuse.

Mum is leaving tomorrow.
Will be back on Tuesday?

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