Saturday, August 01, 2009

The scars will always remain there.

I realise the scars left does not make you feel better, but it makes you feel hurt more.

I was looking at my wrist today,
&& I found out something.

Honeybaby was wondering why I was looking at my wrist
"What you look at your wrist until like that?"
At that point of time, I saw that two distinct lines.
"Can you see it? I cut last time. Now have scar."
Honeybaby looked at me and say something which made me questioned why/
"Why you cut so deep?"

Why I cut so deep?
Because I felt the pain unbearable and I wanted to let it out.
Did it help?
No, to be honest I felt worst.
Looking at the scars, it looks quite pathetic.
Is just two lines there, and is quite far from the vein.

Lesson learnt: If you want to slash your wrist, cut nearer to the vein. The pain is more, the blood is more, the scar is way cooler.(WTF?)

Do you actually think I'm supporting people to slash their wrist?

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