Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nightmares alway ruin my day.

In short, I did not have a good day today.
Was totally emo-ing in school.
&& I kept crying but thank God no one realised.

If I dreamt of something nice, today would definitely be a good day.
But I did not.
In fact, that dream was totally scary and it caught me thinking.
P.S. I did not dream of ghost or anything. This kind of dream will not really affect my mood. I dreamt of something far worst than that.

So once again, I have to apologise if I ignored anyone in school or I was very cold towards anyone.
I was having mood swings at the same time, so I couldn't help it but feel moody.

So now my eyes are really hurting and I'm feeling sleepy.
That's what I feel everytime I cry.
Sigh, don't really like this feeling.

This blog post would be major boring.
I promise interesting ones would be coming soon.
So see ya blogger.
I will update on twitter more.

I dreamt that my mum die :/

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