Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm not me anymore.

Cried in church.
Cried when going home.
Cried in the lift lobby.
Cried in the lift.
Cried at home.
Cried in the toilet.
Cried in my room.

In conclusion,
I cried a lot today.
Not mention I have to smile in church to pretend I was all right.
I'm really tired now.

I'm afraid too.
Tomorrow have O Level English Oral.
Tuesday have History and Chemistry test.
Wednesday collecting Chinese O Level Results.
Thursday I hope mummy can come back safely.

My week would probably suck pretty badly so I don't think any happy post will be posted this week.
I'm just pre-warning anyone who reads my blog.
Though I know there isn't.

Triangles are sexy.
I'm so going to have one triangle tattoo soon.

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