Monday, July 27, 2009

Sugar rush.

"I taste you on my tongue, with your lips to kiss like the red hot sun. You're one big sugar rush. Suck me in, suck me in. Hold me down till the very end."
Seriously, until now, I can't believe CASHCASH is following me.
I mean though is not the individual members, but the whole band is following me!
That's good enough for me.
I'm well, Overjoyed.
They totally make my monday more enjoyable.

By the way, I'm an official twitter whore.
Is so addictive.
I can twit every second if you want me to.
So in school I was basically suffering.
Those who I talked to know that too.
I keep telling them I have withdrawal symptoms.
From twittering. :\
Is quite pathetic.
I feel like twitting every minute lurh.
Is like I'm deprive from twittering.
I'm such a dork, seriously.

So as you know, my Monday was surprisingly all right.
After school went to Macs and study with Honeybaby.
Pretty awesome cause I had a free mocha frap from Joho!
I love you Joho!
But I felt really guilty after that cause is like major fattening.
So I went home and decided to exercise.
Though not for very long but at least I did!

Tomorrow may not be a good day since today I don't have Monday Blues.
So wish me luck!
I pray tomorrow would be even better than today.
I hope tomorrow would be ahhh-mazing!

Still can't get over the fact that CASH CASH is following me.
Is pretty awesome if they can reply me!

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