Monday, July 13, 2009

I swear, they just stole my heart.

I'm in a blogging mood,
and so I shall not waste it.

I shall tell you what I newly discover.

This three awesome cute guys are really awesome!
& they just stole my heart with their wonderful music.
Shaun(lead singer/guitar) is so smexy with his vocal ranges.
Andy(bass/vocal) is so cute while he is playing his bass and singing.
Bradie(drummer/keys) will make you speechless when you see him playing the drums.
They form a band called Short Stack and is so awesome!
I wished I could watch them perform life.
It would be so awesome.

Sway sway baby, kill your boyfriend.

Princess, why are you so contagious?

This five guys are just amazing.
They are like the 21st Century boyband!
Consist of:
Jayk(my fav with amazing hat collections)
David(can dance really well)
Drew(awesome vocals)
Bobby(the teddy bear)
T.C(newest member not to mention only 16, just replaced Thomas who could play amazing guitar)
They form a band called Varsity Fanclub.
Doesn't it ring a bell?
Haha, I mention them in that long post about question and I showed one of their rehersal in my previous post.
Their songs are totally amazing and catchy, I'm in love.

How many people can do it like me? ZERO!

Baby if you asked me, I don't even know your name.
Be my future love.

Enjoy, tell me how you feel about them!

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