Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh-shut the ft up.

Ignore this post. Don't read it. I just need to vent my anger before I explode.
Is all about you.
Isn't it?
All about you, your work, your mood, whatever shit, whatever ft.
I ft don't care already.
Every time you moody than anyhow scold people.
Wtft lurh.
This morning ft wake me up so ft early.
I slept at 2 leh!
Is a ft Saturday leh!
Can't I sleep in a little while more?
Wake me up say very late already!
Ft! Is only 9!
How late can that be?
Than I close my eyes for a little while than scold me say I never exercise, never do anything, never study.
Only know how to go internet, watch tv.
I got exercise okay!
Just that this week never eat a lot, I have no ft strength to exercise!
Argh, I'm guilty enough and yet you have to make me more guilty!
Hello, where are you when I'm studying.
Oh, let me answer that.
You are ft working.
Work work work.
That's all you can think about.
Since young you know.
Everyday go out at 7 than come home at 8.
Wl, obvioulsy you never see me studying lurh.
You want me to study 24/7 is it!
I ft tell you I not study material, I need a break.
But do you care?
Every time only ft scold me when you moody.
Than think you can hug me and say sorry and pretend everything is all right.
I ft have it with your shitz okay.
It stinkz like ft bad.
Before you scold people please get your facts right.
Anyhow raise your ft voice.
Call me also so moody.
Say what willing to sacrifice your time.
Ft Ft Ft Ft.
Just admit that you want to do your work and don't want to spend time going out with me.
Hello, you ft set tomorrow to celebrate my birthday.
Go out today buy clothes cannot meh?
Say until I have a lot of things to wear.
I ft don't okay!
Ft mad and piss can.
Want to talk to me still used that tone.
I rather not talk to you and not go out with you.
Sure you moody than in the end never buy anything.
I know you too well lurh.
I love you mum.
But you can't always do this to me.
I'm trying my best you know.
I hope you can see it.
But what's your respond?
If you can try harder it will be better.
I'm ft putting my best already!
I know there are times when I slack a lot.
But I need a break.
I'm not your robot daughter.
Not your best daughter, But i'm trying at least.
I'm ft mad, I think I can kill someone.
I need to vent my anger man.
I swear if you piss me off again,
I might scream at you,
Even hit you.
I don't know what I'll do but I'm ft piss off.

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