Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Wish

(Photo super not edited, it feels awkward)

I just want to take a photo of you and put it in my pocket.
So that when I'm tired/bored/sick/sad/ftup/etc,
I would take out that photo and stare right into your eyes.
& I will hope/wish/pray that one day you will be mine,
Or maybe even say "Will you be mine?"
Wtft, I must be watching too much fantasy drama.
They spoil your brains, your thinking and your hopes.
I'm terribly love sick and tired.
Is like I'm giving up soon, on you.
But when you talk to me, I just don't want to give up on this love.
I don't like being fickle, But I'm way to fickle.
I'm falling deeper and deeper.
& I know that if I don't pull myself back, I would be hurt.
But I can't help myself.
I really like you.
Like, is it equals to Love?
No right, so will my like become love soon?
Will I love you soon?

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