Friday, March 13, 2009


My eyes hurts from all that crying.
Today is a really horrible day.
Is super horrible larh.
Wanted to cry since morning.

Morning, I recieve my History results.
I failed, Feaking dissapointed.

Afternoon, P&W was super fucked up.
What the fuck larh.
I mean like you knew you were doing P&W for today because another group cannot than you take that responsibility! The previous group told you on Tuesday! I am sure you have ample time to prepare. What the fuck happened? Communication error? What? And I have repeated many times, don't go and inform your members last minute.
When Mrs Hou asked for the worship leader to take the mic, why didn't you go? It's your responsibility! You don't fucking sit at your seat and pretend that you didn't hear anything or don't go and continue talking to your friends like nothing had happened. Did you know that when that was happening today everyone was looking at me? And I'm clueless. Everyone is thinking that I'm not fucking doing my job!
Seriously larh, don't be so selfish can? Don't always think about yourself leh. Do you know who the officers will scold when all this things happened? Is not fucking you! Is me okay. They will asked me what happened and stuff. How am I suppose to know why you'll fuck it up? I only know there is a change in the duty roster. And please, you'll are like what? Sec 2, Sec3? It's not your fucking first time doing P&W! Why are you behaving like this? Isn't it a joy to praise the Lord?
Please stop coming to me for help last minute, I'm not superwoman. I have my own life okay. It doesn't revovles around you selfish people and P&W. I still have to worry about my studies you know. I'm fucking stress out already. I don't need this to stress me further.
I thanked those who made an effort to set up the music instruments. Though you'll should set it up earlier. But seriously, your set up for what when you are unprepared? Argh. Fuck.
Sometimes, I feel I'm just not doing my best.

Night, Parents meeting.
I fail two subjects.
Sad, I thought I did my best?
But obviously I did not.

Sometimes I wish that my life is not so screwed up .
Everytime I try my best, I always fails.

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