Tuesday, February 10, 2009


You said move on
Where do I go
I guess second best
Is all I will know
He kissed my lips
I taste your mouth
He pulled me in
I was disgusted with myself

Officially dead.
My blog.
My life, nothing interesting happen.
So I have nothing interesting to post.
WHen I have nothing interesting to post,
You don't come and read.
But it makes no dfference because no one come and read it.

Though nothing interesting have happened.
I feel accomplished this few days.
Felt that I'm more focus now.
Manage to do most of the things I need to do.
I hope I can maintain this.

Tomorrow is Total Defence Day.
Well, its a half day.
Watching movie with Teresa, Jolene and Jacqueline.
Excited, Not.
Have tuition later.
Excited, Not.

When life becomes so boring, You hope some one invent colour pencils to colour your life.
I wish, you would colour my life.
Fill my life, with your favourite colour.

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