Sunday, January 18, 2009

The thoughts that gives me the creep.

*Sigh, Mitchell Davis looks hot even though his acting all nerdy.

Okay, Back to topic.
What is thought that gives me the creeps.
Well, I'm turning into a nerd!
Don't tell me that I am a nerd!
Because I am not, I used to be a slacker.
But now I'm turning into a nerd!
Oh gosh,
I mean there is nothing wrong in being a nerd.
Some nerds are cute, like that one up there.
Anyway, I seriously am!
Everyday I come home to study.
Well, I do slack too.
Like surfing the net.
But I really study too.
And I was just reading my history textbook just now.
But only some information went into my head.

History is kiling me.
The textbook is so wordy!

I miss my neighbour.
I miss my neighbour.
Maybe I should make a song and name it "My neighbour, the stranger."
I should do it.

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