Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CrazyPeople, MoneyFlying, 20ShirtsDone.

Cupcakes for all!
Because today was totally crazy.
I think people in Orchad Road is seriously crazy!
You can go read Dorcas blog or asked Bokteng, Rachel and Rebekah.
I shall tell you the whole crazy story.

We(Me,Dorcas,Bokteng,Rachel,Rebekah) went out of Orchad Mrt.
And so unlucky some people asked us to buy Photo Album for $9.90!
Oh gosh larh.
Than we keep rejecting but they still like forcing us to buy.
Worst of all,
Rachel was holding the album.
So obviously cannot reject!
But I feel so sociable!
I was talking to the people!
Instead of like rejecting them, I was talking to them.
Well, not all of them.
You see, There were 3 sales person.
Two guys, One girl.
The guy and girl I was talking to was 1X yrs old.
The other guy is 14 and he was talking to the others.
So like me and the other two people were like having our own conversation.
Damn cute lorh.

The whole conversation was like this, if I could rememer correctly:
Girl:Eh, whats that on your hand.
Me:Oh, Glitter tattoo. I got it in my Church carnival.
Guy was looking at it.
Girl:Wah, You christian arh.
Girl:What Church?
Me:Erm, St James
Girl:Oh, I'm in XXXX(I forgot what Church she say. Heh). I don't like that Church.
Girl:They very demanding larh.
Me:Oh(Actually not interested at all. Just trying to act interested)
Girl:So how old are you?
Girl:Serious? I'm also 1X.
Me:I don't believe, you look older.
Girl:I show you my IC.
Girl:Than you have to buy the album.
Me:Than I rather not.
Girl:Okay larh. I show you.
Me looking shock. I'm mean would you show your IC to a complete stranger?
Girl showing me her IC, pointing to her DOB, XXXX199X
Me:Wah. serious arh.
Guy:Guess how old am I?
Me:Erm, 17?
Guy:No, I'm 1X.
Me:What? Serious?
Guy:Ya! I show you my EZ link card.
Me looking shock again! I mean first was showing me the IC, than EZ link card.
Guy pointing his DOB in his EZ link card for me.
Me:Wah(Still in disbelieve)
Guy:You guess how old he is?(Pointing to the guy which is still promoting the cheapo album)
Me:Erm, I don't know
Me:What! Serious!
I think our conversation ended here.
Haha, because I was trying to pull my friends away.
Than that Guy I was talking to suddenly asked me.
Guy:You play sports arh?
Guy:Oh.(Went to direct the question to Dorcas) You play sports arh?
Dorcas never answer, looking shock.
Me:Ya, she plays all kinds of sports. Why? You like her arh?
Dorcas stares at me.
Guy:No larh!
I think because they heard them calling my name so they don't believe I'm a chinese.
But they also never asked.
It's a good thing though. I don't want to explain my whole story about me not being mixed and that both my parents are chinese.
But I have to admit,
It was a really interesting talk.
In the end, they still buy the album
Sad case man.
And Dorcas got so piss with them!

I thought the crazyness was all over.
But, there was more to come when we went to art friend.
Why they hire this kind of crazy worker.
I mean if I compare to him, he is better than the sales person larh.
Because he made us laugh like crazy.
But it is a little creepy!
Started calling us 31st Company cause Dorcas was wearing the GB shirt.
And started saying about one month camps and singing the marching song!
We were laughing like crazy!
He should get the employee of the year award!
He's so funny!
And quite helpful too!
Help us take the basket and say the other counter is empty!
About that counter thing.
Bokteng so ichy fingers!
You know the barcode reader thing to record the price?
Bokteng wanted to try it.
So she put the paint in front of it.
And then the barcode reader thing record it and the sound was so loud larh.
It went "dit"
Than the cashier was looking at us smiling.
I thought she was going to scold us!
Scary sia!

So went to Novena and bought the 20 shirts!
$100 man!
All my friends money flying away.
So sad.
And because of this I got the Gordano membership!
So diao larh!
I don't shop in Gordano lorh.
But who cares!
Next time maybe when I do,
I can use the membership!

Went to Dorcas house and completed the designs for all the shirts!
We are so awesome!
I just want to thank them for helping me.
Without them, I would just die larh.
Thanks for sharing the burden with me!
Being a leader for this GBI thing, is not that bad.
With all this friends helping me!
I love all of you!

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